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EVE Online has released a major new content update.


Published: Dec 22, 04:02 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

EVE Online has released a major new content update.

In EVE Online®: Red Moon Rising, the empires are marching towards the brink of full scale war as the tentative peace presiding over the galaxy continues to slip away. Nations begin to conspire against one another, secretly preparing for the inevitable conflict that threatens to redefine the borderlines of EVE forever.

“Red Moon Rising is a massive content addition to a universe that grows larger and larger each day,” said Nathan Richardsson, Lead Producer for EVE Online. “No other expansion that we’ve released thus far has been executed while hosting such a large number of subscribers, and we’re thrilled to see this trend continue for future expansions as well.”

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And the 14 Day Free Trial Period is still available, so if you haven’t tried EVE yet, and you want to, go ahead. You have 14 days to play for free. You don’t even need to provide your credit card information unless you decided to continue playing!


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  1. but when will new items such as ships,defense,buildings or research come into Ogame? is there a set date for regular updates? and do you know if ther is going to be something new added to the game? if so when?

    — T8m0    Jul 4, 10:41 AM    #

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