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Suggestions for OGame improvements


Published: Apr 19, 03:19 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I was thinking about some things that could make OGame better (I have been doing that for a long time, it helps train me to look at everything from an outside point of view, which can be really hard to do). I have come up with a few things too:

  1. You should not be able to be raided until you have a ship yard. The storyline they could use is that while you can attack from space, you cannot land. This would help defend new planets. This would still need a points requirement to make it fair though. Like the noob protection.
  2. When a ship goes out to trade/transport, it should be able to pick up goods at the other end and return with them. On a trade they could have a button that allows you to make a trade offer. Then, the other person would have to confirm it or counter offer. Once it is accepted, the shipment goes out. Part of the offer would be the method of shipping.
  3. You should be able to trade ships for resources or other ships. In my current situation this would play out good. Say Jack Spacer stockpiled crystal and loaned me 100K crystal to build my hyperspace engines. Then, once they are finished, I built a battleship and sent it to him. This would be a great deal for Jack Spacer. He is a long way from having the research and resources to produce his own battleships, but would have one he could use for raiding, and be able to quickly increase his net worth through raiding.
  4. Alliance members should be able to take up defensive positions at other alliance members planets. Right now there’s no real advantage to being in an alliance. This would make it so members really could back each other. This is available (in a way) in the new ACS


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  1. that last one is good as my friend was going to get absoluletly wasted by someone in a major allience and i have lots of ships and cant do anything to help him but we are in a allience (he got attacked and the only thing i could do to help was ship him a hell load of resources to get his defence back up)
    — super_steveo_skater    Jun 17, 05:56 AM    #
  2. i dont really agree with the first one
    people would just build up their resouces untill they have enough to build a deathstar or something without being disturbed in any way
    you could just lay back and let your mines work and nobody could do anything about it
    iím no big friend of the noob protection either but if you are untouchable untill you have a ship yard you can just not build one
    and you are untouchable at all
    (sorry if the english isnt perfect im from germany)
    — diapope    Jul 12, 07:28 PM    #
  3. well, i liked the trading idea of being able to send a request for a trade, and you should also be able to destroy other peopleís planets if they have more than one, but if they only have one planet, you canít destroy it. And they should add a new ship, like corvettes or a missile frigate or somert. :)
    Musika    Sep 30, 04:42 PM    #
  4. Iíd like to lead land invasion.
    — Zipelkopf    Oct 5, 05:54 AM    #
  5. I miss a ďhideĒ command for the fleet where you send it to get lost in the space between the stars until you explicitly recall it. It would make other forms of fleet saving obsolete.

    Also, this game lacks fleet battle stations that are used as staging points for your strike fleet (as demonstrated by the effectiveness of mobile attack bases).
    — Praetorian    Oct 8, 10:41 AM    #
  6. the last one definatly, also this could be incorperated as an alternative to alliance attack by just having a wait to attack button distance is the same for both this way

    — duke    Nov 4, 12:33 AM    #
  7. I think the 1 about ship yard would be good ideal but what about colonies i dont have ship yard on all my colines they just bulid up and i then ship everything to my main so if that did go into efficted then really thier would not be no rading

    — aaron orozco    Dec 6, 08:22 AM    #
  8. I would like to see recyclers to be able to do a milk run ,that is key in several addresses on route and to be able to fill up cargo on one mission

    — Graeme    Jan 10, 08:41 PM    #
  9. The first one doesn’t make sense…since you don’t need a shipyard at a planet to station a fleet there why would there have to be one there for that planet to be attacked?

    Alpal    Feb 3, 08:41 PM    #
  10. Does anyone know when noob protection comes off!

    — Danboy900    Feb 8, 02:31 PM    #
  11. Ogame got hacked. Again.
    Go to uni 7 on ogame.org and look @ planets 4:228:10 and 11


    — Adwin    Apr 9, 07:22 AM    #
  12. I think uni 7 should get better mods etc i got banned till 2033 for reporting abuse thing is i have never used that command :S

    — Mzie    May 1, 11:17 AM    #
  13. yea i recon we should be able to trade ships or deploy them at someones planet

    — Terms and conditions    Jun 8, 03:49 AM    #
  14. its ashame you cant send shups to defend a freands planet etc fly around there planet attack attacking fleets

    — christian 800    Mar 29, 03:59 PM    #
  15. I think this is point 2. Id like to be able to “attack” my own planets for res, id send transporters from my home planet to colonies to pick up res which they would bring back.

    — Dubu    May 21, 11:58 PM    #
  16. i would like to see an imporved messaging system so you got an alert or something cause u i always notice a have a new email when some1 is asking a question and by the time i read it they have gone off

    — killer    Feb 15, 03:12 AM    #
  17. LOWER ENERGY REQUIRMENTS FOR GRAVITON! 6k solo sats is rediculous

    — Playerthree    Feb 19, 09:16 PM    #

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