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OGame Update - December 14th 2005


Published: Dec 15, 07:30 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Some BIG changes this time. v0.72

New galaxyview:

For Commander:

UPDATE: Wow… these new changes are sweet! I will be updating a few articles here on the website, plus updating my OGame Tips Strategy Guide to cover the new changes. The updates to OGame Commander are pretty significant as well so I’ll have more coverage on that too.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. itís cool :P saves me 10min probing people, can do it in 30s

    — Guardian    Dec 17, 07:02 PM    #
  2. yep, the spying and attacking are a lot quicker and easier. also shows the rank of a player or alliance, which is pretty useful to see if they’re strong before spying on them. galaxy layout’s better too.

    — -=[ Lee ]=-    Jan 7, 10:11 PM    #

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