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New Site Layout - Your Opinion *UPDATED*


Published: Dec 11, 07:58 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Ok. As you probably noticed, OGame Tips has a new site layout.

If you notice anything that seems “off”, please let me know. You can post it as a comment below…

There are a few things still in the works. Like:

Enjoy! Oh… if you want some web work done, I highly recommend DMG Design and Development They did the work on this site, plus two other websites. And they have helped out with at least three other websites that I have worked on.

UPDATE: I think I have all the quirks worked out. There are still a few things I want to change, and those are in progress. I just fixed the commenting system, so the comments are now alternating colors to make reading easier.



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  1. the new layout looks awesome compared to the old bland one!!!!

    — Random Kid    Nov 29, 12:01 PM    #
  2. Much better! ;)

    — Aurun    Nov 30, 11:34 AM    #
  3. Cool :->

    — Darth Atkins    Jan 16, 03:39 AM    #

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