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Top 10 Signs You Play Too Much OGame


Published: Nov 24, 09:48 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Ever wonder if you play too much OGame? Well now you can tell.

Here are the top 10 signs you play too much OGame!

10. You make up silly Top 10 Lists about it.
9. You send your lunch on a return trip (via a taxi) to ensure nobody else eats it.
8. When you hear about a crash on the highway, you wonder if anyone got a moon.
7. When you read the news about the latest spy that was caught, you wonder how high their espionage tech was.
6. You set your alarm for the middle of the night to check to make sure you haven’t been scanned or attacked.
5. You start to call your friends by their OGame username.
4. You form alliances with your coworkers so the Boss is afraid to fire someone.
3. You take an extra car along on vacation to accomodate the extra fuel.
2. You try and link your science project with your friends in the hopes that you can complete it sooner.

And the number 1 sign you play too much OGame!

1. When your new neighbor moves in, you start spying on them to see what sort of threat they pose to your fleet/resources!

Feel free to send this to your friends and fellow gamers. All I ask is you provide a link back to this website. The URL is: http://www.ogametips.com/


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  1. That is hillarious.

    — Jeremy    Nov 30, 11:39 PM    #
  2. thats well funny

    — sam    Dec 2, 10:46 AM    #
  3. that is sad

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    Dec 3, 09:11 AM    #
  4. Ive done number 6 but only to attack someone, does that count?

    — PuggyRox    Dec 4, 03:58 AM    #
  5. lol, funny

    — mike    Dec 4, 09:34 AM    #
  6. and another one which happened to me: u get dump by a girlfriend, who told u that u dont give her much attention, and when u go out with another girl u start speaking about ogame, how its played, whom did u fleet cashed last night:((

    — horde    Dec 5, 04:02 AM    #
  7. Sad part is, ive done #5!

    — Phoenix    Dec 8, 11:40 AM    #
  8. #11:

    when your watch is set on server time : P

    — arpad    Dec 14, 09:16 PM    #
  9. heheh thatz realy funny.. it tink itz true!!

    — VAMPIRE    Dec 15, 04:37 AM    #
  10. I brought a car and found out it was stolen. when the cops turned up to reposess it all i could think about was i wish you would hurry up so i can get home to my ogame.

    — david/ mivec    Dec 16, 05:12 AM    #
  11. i only did 1 and that forming an allianz with my friends,, just in real :P

    My teacher donít know what To doe xD

    — ReGenerator    Dec 16, 06:04 AM    #
  12. I have done number 5#

    — darkalexander13    Dec 16, 07:47 AM    #
  13. I liked 9, 8 and 7 best :D

    — TheBrain0110    Dec 16, 02:46 PM    #
  14. iíve been callled by my ogame username at schoool :\ but then again i use that name for gaming too:\

    — Guardian    Dec 17, 05:45 PM    #
  15. #6 applys to me
    — wolf88    Dec 17, 09:22 PM    #
  16. restricting your childs use of the computer so you can raid them

    — Ecko419    Dec 18, 08:26 PM    #
  17. lolÖ.ive done 1,5 and 6

    #12-u stay up late at night just to name ur newest colony.

    — druith    Dec 18, 10:57 PM    #
  18. Iíve done 8, 7 and 3

    — DragonHawk    Dec 19, 02:37 AM    #
  19. Iv do 4 all the time.

    I fact, I canít even remember my mates real names :{

    — hopsta    Dec 23, 02:14 PM    #
  20. Done 6 5 2 and 1

    Im sad

    — Dreamslayer    Dec 29, 07:30 AM    #
  21. lol thats funny, im guilty of at least three of those =)

    — Anubis    Jan 2, 04:00 AM    #
  22. Brilliant
    I can say that to all my friends that play Ogame!

    ???    Jan 3, 11:57 AM    #
  23. Number 8 is by far the best, I have one;

    #12 You watch an Iraq topic on BBC News24 and wonder what the combat report would look like :-)

    — Perky    Jan 12, 10:52 AM    #
  24. all i can say is that im laughing my taill off right nowÖ.great post

    — Nolan    Jan 13, 09:43 PM    #
  25. Sweeeeet

    Here’s one

    You deny your addiction, and yet you’ve gone to the point where you think you rule the planet earth and are going to take over the whole milky way.

    — rose_bloom_ca    Jan 14, 06:59 AM    #
  26. wow thats pretty funny lol

    — Paul    Jan 16, 04:15 PM    #
  27. how about this: you win lotto, but you’re afraid to share the money with your friends and family in case you lose it all due to pushing

    — Anubis    Feb 2, 01:09 AM    #
  28. # 13 u wait outside a house about to be demolished to try and claim some of the debre field

    — Sasuke    Feb 2, 02:22 PM    #
  29. # 14 at school u are studying astrology and u are asked to name a planet u name one of ure planets and its colonies

    — shadowfox    Feb 2, 02:39 PM    #
  30. ok i got one

    Your Girlfriend Says she going for a NAP and u wonder what alliance is helping her out.

    — Nolan    Feb 3, 06:52 PM    #
  31. # 16 You are asked a question in science and question was “how many planets are there in the solar system” you say 15

    — Sasuke    Feb 5, 09:17 PM    #
  32. # 17 You watch star wars and you wonder how many planets darth had to attack before he got his death star.

    — Fallen Angel    Feb 18, 09:41 PM    #
  33. I’ve done number #11 on my cell phone, my watch and my laptop’s clock


    — kErSi    Mar 4, 09:44 AM    #
  34. #18 stay up late to see how many fields ur new colony got. (:

    i’ve done some of those :p
    i’m a poor sad ogame-addicted ):

    — hyperion - ogame.pt uni3    Mar 11, 02:02 PM    #
  35. #18 When you teach your kids how to send and recall your fleet, because they get in from school before you get home from work.

    — Toranaga    Mar 13, 05:19 PM    #
  36. 19. When on a road trip You use your cell phone hooked up to your laptop to check on your fleets

    — -Jam D Sol    Mar 16, 06:38 AM    #
  37. When watching star trek and wondering how much deut. warp 9 costs.

    — Doglord    Mar 26, 11:53 AM    #
  38. lol number 20.) u post tips in the topic ‘i play too much ogame’ dead giveaway


    — Commisar Gaunt    Mar 29, 05:09 PM    #
  39. LOL.

    This isnt to do with the list but its a funny story anyway. One of my teachers got done for introducin his pupils to ogame cos now they alwys play on it in lesson. and then the head teacher who told him off started playing it a week after

    — Simon369    Apr 4, 03:30 PM    #
  40. You trade resources in your sleep or you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you fleet save, only to remember that you don’t play Ogame anymore.

    — NOC UNI1    Apr 9, 02:05 AM    #
  41. Well, hows this:

    You start calling other cars on the street ‘fleet activity’

    — Basaka (uni5)    Apr 13, 10:40 PM    #
  42. You have a bumper sticker that says my friend went to
    1:234:5, and all he got was 2k crystal.

    — Drunkenmonkey18    Apr 19, 09:29 PM    #
  43. Pricam vise o ogame sa djevojkom i nagovaravam je da pocne i ona igrati… dok cujem od prijateljica, da se zali kako me ne zanima sex sa njom :-)

    — Griffit    Apr 20, 02:27 AM    #
  44. I too have my computer clock set to ogame time. I think that is number 1. Followed by close by someone waking in the middle of the night to check their computer. I would but I need the sleep. Besides, everything is usual gone, so not much to look at.


    — Titus    Apr 23, 12:05 AM    #
  45. What about:

    You’re babysitting, but you daren’t put the baby to bed, or you’ll get banned for Multi-Accounting

    Oh, and i have done most of the original list.. i even wondered how big a fleet Planet Earth’s moon is made of..

    — Popidge    Apr 25, 03:55 PM    #
  46. hehe

    I think im about half of the above :P

    — Adaro    Apr 30, 09:45 AM    #
  47. latest addition getting a detention for playing ogame in lessons then forgetting the detention because i wanted to attack someone and i was scared of them spending rec


    — fearthereaper    May 2, 02:05 PM    #
  48. You people are fanatic, and so do I… What are we doing here??

    #22 You spend time reading this posts, so time past away and you can do one more attack before go to bed…

    — Nuk    May 4, 09:00 PM    #
  49. #23
    At the end of the month when you get your internet bill, as soon as you open it the next thing you see is a team of doctors above you.

    — Agent Keyes    May 8, 07:24 PM    #
  50. #24
    Your wife sends you to rehab becasue she says that ur addicition to the game is bigger than your addiction to her in bed.

    — Agent Keyes    May 8, 07:29 PM    #
  51. #25
    When your girlfriend/wife says im in the mood for a bit and you say to her great id better fleet save and ill be right there.
    And you wonder why you missed out??????

    — Robert    May 9, 10:01 PM    #
  52. These are just sad…

    — Winchester    May 10, 12:35 AM    #
  53. i raided a planet that tryed to fleet save he was a few seconds to late i was so happy that i started dancing and wacked my fist of a 50 year old hair made of solid wood i basiclypunched it my nukle hurt alot then i went to play some more some neatacked me i lost my whole fleetand stared bashing the key board and thught hope i dont get banned

    — red dead uni 4    Jun 3, 07:14 PM    #
  54. one of my friens was doing nr.5 all the time but then he stopped plaing ogame!

    manana    Jun 9, 03:39 AM    #
  55. OMG I play too much ogame :P

    — MLW    Jun 17, 08:39 PM    #
  56. The funniest thing about this is.. A) all these stories are probably true B) i have a laptop in my car to play ogame from work or whever i am C) I now consider what ogame rank she is before i go on a date with her.. you have to have 5000 points and at least 6 planets before i will date you. D) my apt now has a banner at the door that says welcome to ALLIANCE NAME base of operations lol Im wondering has anyone tried to collect disability due to inability to work because of an ogame addiction they cant kick?

    — Darkpriest667    Jul 2, 07:30 AM    #
  57. Y’know you play too much internet games when you start writing your username as your real name on your homework. I do that all the time =)

    — Jinouchi    Jul 7, 05:01 PM    #
  58. hahahah i do them all:D

    — monster    Jul 9, 07:50 AM    #
  59. so sad but true
    but you allways can learn your girfrend to playing ogame , your mother and father too, then your friends from town and saturday nights become ogame raid nights with chat on msn and playing poll and then you start’s to call your friends by their OGame username ,.....,

    — greg    Jul 19, 06:04 AM    #
  60. ohhh i got 1:

    #23054 you wonder why USA GOVT hasnt sensor phalanxed “mars” to findout if they are really sending UFO’s

    thecat    Jul 24, 02:48 PM    #
  61. you guys are sad unfortuanatly so am i done most of them

    — death    Jul 27, 03:52 AM    #
  62. number 11 would be:if a math question involves a number with decimals you wonder what maximum storage capacity of the proplerm’s authors is.

    — Zal    Jul 31, 06:41 PM    #
  63. lolol i love the list!!!! im a nerd… : P i dont care, ogame is fun!

    — Parker    Aug 20, 10:18 PM    #
  64. You PLay too much ogame when you think the (Top 10 Signs You Play Too Much OGame list) should be updated.

    — Comandox    Aug 21, 01:27 PM    #
  65. You know you’ve played too much ogame when you contemplate how many solar calculators it will take to power your car.

    — Link    Aug 25, 06:35 AM    #
  66. You know you’ve played too much ogame when you go to prison for breaking and entering, grand larsony, and murder and say, “the pillory…I’ve been banned for repeated bashing”

    — Link    Aug 25, 06:56 AM    #
  67. whats funny is, my girlfriend is already pissed about how im spending so much time on this game as it is. lol.

    — firepenguinz    Aug 26, 12:40 AM    #
  68. lol

    #(insert wuteverit is now…) u get up to eat and realized u just spent 3 days playing, lost ur GF, had a b day, and just got attacked and lost everything

    — Diakron    Sep 3, 05:47 PM    #
  69. i’ve sone #6. lol. everynight and every 10 minutes in school

    — joe    Sep 9, 09:48 PM    #
  70. What’s a NAP?

    — Mv3    Sep 27, 04:54 PM    #
  71. @ Mv3

    Non-Attacking Players or something. if u NAP an alliance, u dont attack them.. np 4 da help

    — thecat    Sep 28, 03:55 PM    #
  72. @ Mv3
    Non-Agression-Pact between alliances or players promising not to attack eachother

    — flyboy    Oct 16, 05:21 PM    #
  73. i got one you know that you play ogame way to much when you play it all day long without sleep.

    — golden tails    Oct 18, 01:41 PM    #
  74. got another when you start calling your self the king of earth and saying your aliance ruels it. and when you whant to chang your rl name to what you game name is. is that beatable?

    — golden tails    Nov 2, 10:42 PM    #
  75. Its only £10. you guys are funny

    iv probily done all of that. right now lets working on how to destroy saterns moons. must of been a big fleet on there once. 5 moons. wiped the population out.

    #22 your in school dieing for a wee when you wonder how much deut it would use to go to the toilet

    #23 you build a Plasma Turret out side you house to fight off all people trying to call for you

    — BUD    Nov 4, 09:55 AM    #
  76. #24 You wonder wich number from 1-9 is the milky way and wich number has the solar system…

    TibiX!!    Nov 23, 07:40 AM    #
  77. im kinda worried i do all of those lol!

    u wonder wot a bird looks after being hit by a plasma turret.

    #26 u begin to think that u live on a deathstar

    — jook    Dec 4, 10:53 PM    #
  78. #0,1

    you will ask yourself how much death stars it will cost to destroy your internet bill

    all that others are much lol

    — wil    Dec 11, 09:48 AM    #
  79. lol death stars go destroy big pond

    Michael    Dec 11, 06:02 PM    #
  80. i’ve definaly done 5. and ive done 6 a few times…

    lol…this list is awesome+dead on! (ish)

    — Mazelin    Dec 17, 12:16 PM    #
  81. The last one (which i have found to be true for most players, also its the sadest) is that you know you lay too much ogame when you get crashed so bad that you think about quiting, but then you realize how much time you have spent to build stuff and decide not to quit…... Yes i have been crashed many times _

    — comandox    Jan 30, 08:32 AM    #
  82. lol i did 6 and # 11 (the difference between my time and the server-time is of 1 hour)

    — Burebista    Jan 30, 09:43 PM    #
  83. #x when you wanna get your salary in deut.

    — Por4ite    Apr 12, 06:45 PM    #
  84. #27: When you quit your job and being to raid nearby houses and cars for resources.

    And I’ve done #5 many times before lol.

    — Cain    Jul 18, 12:56 AM    #
  85. That’s hilarious.

    I have done #6 and 1.

    — Jarmen Kell    Aug 19, 12:16 AM    #
  86. when you’re at work calculating hw many resources you will have accumulated over the 8hr period and how you are going to spend them!

    — Dauntless    Aug 27, 03:11 AM    #
  87. I got 3,

    #3 You walk down the street and wonder why there are more than 15 houses.

    #2 You go to buy a new car and you ask the owner how much mental,crystal,and deuterium it will cost.

    #1 Your mailman has to have 50,000,000 points and wait a period of 2weeks before you let him gave you your mail.

    I have kind of had #6 but it was to attack someone. XD

    — JimBob    Sep 17, 06:03 PM    #
  88. #x You plan your whole day around returning at the same time your “fleet-save” does, and decide that going to marriage counselling costs too much crystal to build, and is unlikely to return a profit

    #x you want to propose to your girlfriend but put it off for a year to save up the deut

    #x you and your partner are considering children, she’s concerned over the cost of raising kids, you’re concerned about what age you can start training them and form an alliance.

    #x you need to upgrade your PC and sit in front of Ogame waiting for the mines to kick in enough to research “computer tech”

    — sharkuss    Sep 19, 06:04 PM    #
  89. word.

    — The Nitros    Oct 29, 08:18 AM    #
  90. you caclate how much resorces you get for a whole week. i do that.
    i am a sad sad little man


    — goldentails    Nov 18, 03:43 AM    #
  91. I did number 7. Dam-n. Gotta get to real world, and thats fast!

    Me = vacation! :)

    Jelle    Dec 10, 11:09 AM    #
  92. haha your all nerds

    — bob    Dec 22, 12:16 PM    #
  93. i do pretty much all of them

    — joe    Dec 22, 12:17 PM    #
  94. join the alliance px in universe 14

    — jon    Dec 22, 12:18 PM    #
  95. join the S.O.L in universe 35 (the Sons Of Liberty)

    — XRazorxEdgeX    Jan 9, 04:31 PM    #
  96. You hire someone to drive you car out at night and bring it back in the morning because your afraid of being fleetcrashed

    — 12345sniper    Jan 11, 12:58 AM    #
  97. This list is hilarious! scary thing is… ive done a few of the things… XD

    — Terror    Feb 22, 05:54 PM    #
  98. it all really got outta hand when i start smashing my neighbours solar panels; I think his gravi was almost finnished.

    — fuma - ywn    Mar 2, 02:55 PM    #
  99. I learned to program just so i could right a script for ogame to cheat

    — fathertime    May 6, 07:57 PM    #
  100. You hate terrorists because they just bash without recycling for profit.

    — doki_pen    Jun 8, 11:55 PM    #
  101. my liscence plate is TENZO

    — Tenzo    Aug 14, 10:03 PM    #

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