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New Feature for OGame - Report Button


Published: Nov 11, 09:14 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Cassandra Vandales explained the new Report Button yesterday. Here is her message:


As you have maybe noticed, there is suddenly a new button below the messages you get.

This button allows you now to report directly to the GOs of the universe instead of the blacklist which did not always work properly. We reacted with this to all the complains that appeared.

Any misuse of the old system is now not possible anymore. Also be aware that a misuse of the report button may lead to a warning or banning from the GOs.

Bannable offences are: insults towards other players, non english messages and if you see that a player hat an insultive planet name. Other offences have to be judged by the GOs.

We hope that this system will work way better than the old one.

The blacklist will soon be out of the system then. ATM it is still in, I will be informed when it is out.

If you find any bugs please report them.

Your OGame – Team

The orignal message can be found here: New Report Button in Messages


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  1. non english messages> I am plagued by these, making a ban possible would make it so much easier

    Martin Hazel    Nov 23, 11:37 AM    #
  2. That rule about None english messages stinks i am irish but most of the top 100 r germans or poles no matter wot u do u r going to have forgiens and anyway most germans and poles rock at ogame so let them do wot they want they spice up the game!!

    — Keeper Of THe Gods    Jan 5, 07:07 PM    #
  3. Better make these rules on report tool more clear. Got banned without knowing what exactly i did wrong. When new features are implemented should advise players by email or page feature

    — adjudant    Nov 26, 12:06 PM    #

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